Come join us November 13th in Belgrade

Liberland invites you to the Belgrade ICO Summit on Tuesday, November 13 2018.

Liberland will have an exhibit stand where you will be able meet us and be better acquinted with Liberland. If you have questions, this will be the perfect time to get answers.

There are 3 separate interesting events for the Summit which will expalin why you should attend:

1. Belgrade ICO Summit
Join our President Vit Jedlička at the Belgrade ICO Summit, the biggest international ICO conference in SE Europe, who will -along with many other speakers- present the newest model of financing: Initial Coin Offering, which is rising exponentially every year. Until recently, ICO has been reserved mostly for blockchain companies and startups, but now it is widely utilised by "classic" businesses worldwide.

ICO Statistics
How successful are ICO's in the past years and how much is the industry growing, take a look at this statistic:
  • 2016 - 98 million US $
  • 2017 - 6,4 billion US$
  • 2018 (until October 1st) - 20,6 billion US $
The exponential growth of funding is obvious and is showing even greater signs of growth due to a wave of new positive regulations around the world.

Business benefit of the conference:
The average ICO campaign collects on an average between 2 to 5 million US dollars -which is more than sufficient- to fuel the development of many business projects. Moreover, ICO funding actually allows business owners to keep their ownership at 100%, which lets them lead the company in full accordance with their vision.

2. ICO Legal Workshop
This workshop is intended for all legal professionals who want to fully utilize the growth of blockchain technology, especially its funding side - the ICO's. ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a new way of funding for companies and startups that make blockchain technology part of their business model, and is spreading like wildfire in "classic" businesses.

Why attend the workshop?
Average price for ICO legal services is around 20 to 30 thousand euros (on an average), and provides a good source of income for companies that do it. The bigger the reference list, the more you will be able to charge over time. This workshop will teach you the most "crypto-friendly" regulations of EU and Switzerland, as well as USA.

3. Blockchain Developer Workshop
This workshop is ideal for all IT professionals who want not only to get introduced with blockchain technology, but also build their own first models on it. The workshop itself is a full-day event, and all participants will have the opportunity to work with two blockchain platforms:
  • Hyperledger 
  • Aeternity
Buisness benefit of the workshop
Aeternity - is one of leading Blockchain companies which also cooperates with the government of Liechtenstein. They are funding the projects that are using their blockchain (which was launched in August) and have recently allocated 1 million euros to dozens of blockchain startups using their blockchain. Besides Aeternity's blockchain, companies developing on the blockchain are highly sought after and better paid than "common" programmers.

As members of the Liberland network, you have 15% discount with promo code: TXsting 13 (use it in the contact form). Detailed information about the workshop itself can be seen on the workshop page: 

Created: 07.11.2018