Deadly cyclone Sagar swept through Somaliland!

A deadly cyclone hit Somaliland this spring. It is the strongest cyclone to be recorded and it left dozens and many thousands displaced. Somaliland's coastal areas Galbeed and Awdal was hard hit and suffered great fatalities. Heavy rain caused flooding and hindered the relief work to affected areas. The severe weather conditions also destroyed many farms, loss of livestock, loss of fishing boats, property and infrastructure such as roads were badly damaged and destroyed.

Unknown to many though, was that the Free Republic of Liberland was there offering relief work. Liberland, through the Liberland Embassy in Somaliland, delivered and distributed over 7 tons of food to the most heavily affected areas of the cyclone. These were voluntary food aid purchased by the citizens of Liberland, to help the victims of the devastated cyclone Sagar in Somaliland.

Please visit our Facebook page to see pictures of our relief work in Somaliland here .

We would like thank all of you who are continually contributing and supporting us. With your help, this relief work was made possible.

Created: 16.07.2018