Launch of a cutting edge architecual competition for future Liberland

Dear friends and followers of Liberland ,

we would like to intoduce you an exclusive opportunity to take part in our Architectual competition aimed for all of you who are  architects (licensed and unlicensed), urbanists, interior  designers or even architecture and design students.
The competition is attempting to involve all brilliant and modern evolutionary architects who are interested to prepare a full-scale urban artitectual plan for the territory of Liberland.

Please come and learn more about the event at the facebook

This high-level event invites you to challenge the contemporary urban and architectural design status quo by responding to Liberland’s fundamental values and creating a general design potential for this new micronation. Your proposed scheme must be agile and highly adaptive to market forces that are open to perpetual adaptation. On a functional level Liberland has no zoning regulations or municipal restrictions. It has no pre-established design culture. The field is wide open to innovation on every scale. Liberland’s new architecture will be absolutely vital to its survival, success and advancement towards its envisioned future of maximum freedom and prosperity on the basis of an unleashed entrepreneurial creativity.

To participate requires only few simple steps .

Registration Fee |  Professionals $60, Students with current ID $30

Competition Launch
October 5, 2015
The Liberland design competition will be launched at the ArchAgenda Debates during the opening week of the inaugural Chicago Architecture Biennial

Registration & Questions Deadline
December 5, 2015
To qualify for entry, your registration form must include all requested details. Teams or individuals submitting incomplete registration will be automatically disqualified. Please verify a all the detailed information.

Design Submission Deadline
January 5, 2016
All submissions will be electronic, and must meet the digital specifications of 7200x4800 pixels/dpi per digital banner, in PDF format. Three digital banners are required per submission, whether the design tem is comprised of one or several designers. Submissions will be accepted via email and Google Drive. Be sure to include your current email when registering so that we can add you to the Google Drive folder for uploads.

Winners Announced
February 5, 2016
Winners will be announced to the main contact of the team or to individuals, as well as on this website.

The main sponsors of this event are Zaha Hadid Architects, ArchAgenda, Free Republic of Liberland

Design Awards |
Entries earning 1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place, and Honorable Mention (5 maximum) will be extensively publicized online and in print with cash prizes. Moreover, the winner will be awarded the citizenship of Liberland. Details to be announced October 15, 2015.

Thank you for your support and we will look forward to have you participate at this project with us.

Live and let live , 

presidential office of Liberland 
Monika Chlumská

Created: 05.10.2015