Liberland enters history, president Jedlicka provides one interview after another

Liberland enters history, president Jedlicka provides one interview after another

Interest in the youngest state in the world continues unabated. Now, one can unequivocally say that the events that have been happening since the declaration of the Free Republic of Liberland prove that the whole affair is meant seriously. Without exaggeration, the founders went into history. Even the very prestigious international media demonstrated interest in reporting on their unique act.

The news about the existence of the new state has been reported even to the readers of the world famous Time magazine or awards winning Internet magazine Slate. Time magazine interviewed Liberland's president Mr. Vít Jedlička in a long interview; idem for the British BBC, which in addition published an article about the creation of Liberland. President Jedlička is providing one interview after another, and at this moment he has nearly thirty scheduled requests for an interview. The Czechs had the opportunity to listen to the live broadcast interview with the president on Czech Radio.

Articles informing about the fact that on the world map there is a new state whose goal is to let people breathe and not suffocate them with absurd bans and taxes appeared also on the pages of leading European media such as the British journal The Independent or the Polish Gazeta Wyborcza. The news also appeared in Belgium.

Nevertheless, Liberland does not exist only on the pages of media and in television reports. The president and his team unceasingly continue to work on the construction of the state in practice. For example, a significant achievement is the entry of the Free Republic Liberland on the official map. Liberland can also be found on Google Maps.

In addition, the president personally met with several prominent leaders. Among them, for example, with the ambassador of Austria to the Czech Republic Count Ferdinand von Trauttmansdorff or the chairman of the Economic and Development  Review Committee of the OECD William White. The president's team also deals with such practical things such as international telephone code, which will be +422. The number of registrations to the official website of Liberland is exponentially increasing. At this moment there is already over 150,000 registrations.

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Created: 19.04.2015