Liberland in Portugal

The Free Republic of Liberland invites you to join us at Anarchaportugal 19 - 20 July 2018 taking place in Porto, Portugal.

We have been asked to speak on this occasion and we are delighted to do so as it gives us the opportunity for the world to get to know Free Republic of Liberland better and what it stands for. Since we have over 800 Liberland supporters in Portugal, we have been able to obtain a special code that gives Liberlanders a 10% discount  off  ticket prices. A separate email will be sent to those who have registered and applied with us in Portugal, so look out for that.

What is Anarchaportugal and what will it mean for you attending it? Anarchaportugal cross-pollinates communities in tech, philosophy, art, education and wellness to discuss what these changes mean for communities across Portugal, Europe and the World. Providing the space to nurture these connections will empower leadership, connect the dots and transmute events into movements, and vehicles for liberation. The two-day event features more than 25 speakers, interactive workshops, dozens of exhibitions, live painting and art installments, health & wellness activities, exclusive networking events and decentralized dance parties. You will also learn the truth about anarchy, the blockchain revolution, the future of cryptocurrency, unschooling, borderless citizenship and micronation development and more.

When:  19 - 20 July, 2018.
Where: Porto, Portugal
Venue address: Alfândega Porto, The Porto Customs House Congress Center. Directions and maps here

We hope to see many of you there. 

Warmest regards,

The Free Republic of Liberland

Created: 07.07.2018