Liberland incorporates to be the first crypto exchange and receives funding with EFL

As a result of the Liberland Anniversary Celebration, various investors and cryptocurrency startups were attracted to contribute to the creation of Liberland. We are therefore excited to announce to be the first crypto exchange and trading platform for the jurisdiction of Liberland. recognizes that Liberland has positioned herself to be a major world crypto exchange country.

What and who is Oju X is a trading platform that revolutionizes the current foreign exchange trading model. By using the ‘X’ Formula, it will comprehensively calculate and update prices, based on its trading volume data, actual circulation, et cetera and guarantee price stability every 24 hours. It will be the first-of-its-kind trading platform, able to interact directly with the real-world economy, while helping to mitigate the effects of extreme intra-day volatility.

What will this mean for Liberland? This will enable Liberland related tokens-Liberland Merits to be freely exchanged and it will allow Liberland based ICO’s to find a place where their tokens can be swiftly listed. This is fantastic news for Liberland indeed.

What more, our Liberlandian supporter Yoshi Livo recently invested around 350 thousand E-Guldens (EFL) that are traded on Bittrex exchange into the upcoming Liberland ICO. The President of Liberland Vít Jedlička said that he is pleased to welcome new cryptocurrencies in the Liberland ecosystem: “We are planning to support our contributors in various ways including allowing them to benefit in the development and progress of the Liberland financial ecosystem. We welcome all tradable tokens to be a part of our national reserve.”

Created: 25.05.2018