Liberland invited to be judges to the Miss World Tourist Germany 2018 has cordially invited Liberland - represented by the President and First Lady, to be VIP Judges and International Special Guest in the Miss World Tourist Germany 2018 - National Final.
  • From 28th - 30th of July, 2018
  • Final Night 29th of July, 2018
  • To be held in Berlin, Germany: Wilde Matilde - Berlin, Nikolaiviertel / Red Town Hall, Alexanderplatz.
  • Tickets and contacts details: 30 EUR // VIP-CARDS: 50 EUR (Food and 1 drink included). Guest are by reservation only-via email, contact for all information regarding this event. 
The one who has made this event possible and who is also a VIP Special International Guest is the Ambassador of Liberland Thomas Georg Poehlmann of D.I.C. Diamonds International Corporation.

The winner of the Miss World Tourist Germany 2018 finale, will take part in the great world final in this category and represent Germany with dignity. 

Created: 24.07.2018