Liberland Press Conference in Belgrade

On March 7, Daniel Dabek, Representative of Liberland in Serbia,  organised a press conference for the occasion of the opening of the Representative Offcie in Belgrade. President Vit Jedlička was present together with the First Lady and other members of the Liberland team. You can read the speaches of both participants form the event.

The office is now abailable and open from Monday to Friday 9-5 at the address Balkanska 2. You are welcome to come there and collect info about cryptocurrencies, citizenship, business in Liberland and many more. 

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen,

First off all I would like to thank the Serbian people for enormous support that we are getting since Liberland almost three years ago. We have more than 6000 Serbians who are registered on our website and many of them are active in helping Liberland to grow. Let me name a few that came to this press conference. Vladan Jovanovič and his wife Silvia who are our key supporters from early days of Liberland or formerly Syrian but now successful Serbian businessman Mike Hajali or engineer Miroslav Mrdan or Petar Cekerevac, prominent Serbian thinker. I am very grateful to these individuals and without them creation of Liberland would be impossible. Please give them a hand.

I am very excited and proud that successful blockchain entrepreneurs like Daniel Dabek are representing Liberland in Belgrade. Liberland now has over 100 representative offices around the globe. People representing us are the leaders in this brand new crypto-economy that is emerging. We want to use the benefit of this expert network and spread the knowledge of blockchain technologies globally both to people and to government. We are building step by step Liberland chambers of commerce whose main purpose it to get Liberland economy closely connected to the world economy.

Liberland is about to celebrate third anniversary on 13th of April and I am proud to announce that we have attracted world leading conference on decentralization called D10e to visit both Serbia and Liberland.

Our agenda this year is to become stable partner to Serbian government a Serbian businesses. We have set ourselves as a goal to attract more Liberlanders to come to Serbia and run successful business here. We also plan to support development of free trade zones in Serbia where we can offload some of the large interest of investors to invest in Liberland. We have commissioned economic study conducted by Libek that describes in great detail the positives connected with these free trade zones. We will also soon have a study that will describe what kind of economic benefit will Balkan countries have from creation of Liberland. List of these benefits is extensive and it includes boost in economic growth and lowering of unemployment rate. We have already supported the economy Apatin tourism assisted with hundreds of people who want to see Liberland with their own eyes.

This year we hope to attract even more people coming to Liberland both from Serbia and from abroad. We will have education, cultural and sports event almost every day in the coming summer.

The motto of Liberland is “To live and let live” and our plan is to lead by positive example the changes that we want to see in the world. I wish you successful afternoon and thank you for your support.

Vít Jedlička, President of Liberland

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen,

It is a real pleasure to open the reception dedicated to the opening of the Liberland representative office here in Belgrade the capital of Serbia.

Thomas More wrote about an ideal nation, a Utopia, he wrote about a place that reveres peace, equality, and common wealth, his only flaw was in predicting the future where hard labour is replaced with technological innovations.

Liberland is an island found on the Danube River, West of Serbia; and East of Croatia. On April 13, 2015 a collective of progressive visionaries settled the land and proclaimed the Free Republic of Liberland.
We are a people guided by Liberty, and Innovation. Today there are 400 citizens who are active and represent themselves as Liberlandian, me included and another 120,000 people are qualified applicants.

My name is Daniel Dabek, and I am humbled by the opportunity to represent Liberland to Serbia where I have already established three companies, employed more than 40 people and have attracted attention to the city and to the country for the past 2 years to millions of people around the world.

Creating a new nation is a challenge and it requires support from its own citizens, as well as the kindness and cooperation of our neighboring nations and our international alliances.

Liberland has attracted a worldwide audience of intelligence, wealth, and strength to the Balkans region. This representation is already spilling over into the neighboring nations especially into Serbia.

Already there are substantial investments being placed within Belgrade and Apatin, a city some kilometers from the Liberland Homeland. These activities will continue and this representative office in Belgrade is a beacon for fostering introductions to the the region for investment and job creation.

This region is a safe and productive part of the world. It rests strategically between Asia and Europe, and the African continent respectively. Because of this the Balkans are so important to worldwide commerce. Liberlandians believe as members of the Balkans region that our impact as a global crossroads is paramount.

This representative office may it also serve as a beacon for interaction with Serbian government in the exchange of knowledge related to technological innovations primarily: the blockchain and reliable digital record keeping.

We have been significantly active in promoting and uplifting a community of blockchain developers here in the Serbian nation, and they are making a substantial contribution to the global development of blockchain technology especially through our firm: Balkaneum.
This is possible because of the support from Liberland of the world’s brightest minds in software development and blockchain innovation. It is Liberlandian citizens who have been behind us all these years here, helping to forge new leaders of fin tech innovation right here in Belgrade. Bringing more of the world together for trade and mutual cooperation.

Serbians should be proud of their heritage and that there is independence for them. Likewise Liberlandians are grateful for the support that has already been expressed by the favorable stance Serbia has had towards Liberland. We hope to continue to foster friendly relations with Serbia as we move towards recognition by more nations around the globe.
The mutual benefits are extraordinary for both of our nations. We should look to the establishment and maintenance of solidarity as regional allies.

I will take this opportunity to also announce a dinner to take place on March 28th to host dignitaries from the Serbia government, Business entrepreneurs, and Political analysts to get to further the discussions that we may have related to Liberland and Serbian joint cooperations.
We believe that our involvement in the Serbian culture will further inspire more growth in economic activity which will lead to positive outcomes in the way of life of people. The talented people will be inclined to procure amazing features from within the nation rather than outsourced to developed nations.

As a Balkans member, Liberland is proud of its region and maintains this position. Our independent studies have shown that increasing investment in free trade zones as well as increased production of Made in Serbia will significantly boost the rate of growth the acceptable levels compared to the worldwide platform.

Liberland is proud of its neighbor, Serbia and expects greatness and we will strive to be good brothers and sisters as neighboring countries to foster this growth as we have already done and will continue to do so.
Thank you Kindly for your attention and attendance. We continue to work on our bright present and ever brighter future.
Thank you again.

Daniel Dabek, Representative of Liberland in Serbia

Created: 13.03.2018