Liberland supports Catalonia

Liberland strongly condemns the violent measures taken by the Spanish government to stop Catalans from voting on October 1st. Madrid’s coercive acts involve a level of disregard for civil and political rights that is unacceptable in today’s Europe.

Liberland joins the dozens of members of the European Parliament from six different political groups and twenty countries who have condemned Prime Minister Rajoy’s military style crackdown on Catalonia and its institutions. Liberland also aligns its political statements with those made by freedom fighters like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden and similar statements made by media editorials from around the world in seeking a peaceful and binding referendum for the Catalan people that will decide whether Catalonia should become a new state.

Furthermore, Liberland is not alone in supporting the Catalan cause: the vast majority of libertarian individuals and organizations have done so as well such as the leaders of the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) and the Mises Institute. In this historical hour for Catalonia, we stand with Catalan libertarians and wish them success in joining the international community as a sovereign country. The more states, the less state.

Created: 01.10.2017