Liberlanders raised their flag in Liberland

On the 20th of February 2017, Liberlanders raised their flag over the sole building in Liberland, marking their permanent presence in the area. Liberland settlers have not encountered any presence of Croatian police inside of the territory of Liberland. This marks a significant improvement in Liberland-Croatian relations after message of president of Liberland was delivered to the Croatian parliament. The President’s message called for cooperative relations on borders between the two countries and for opening doors for the development of bilateral relations. Liberland will celebrate two years of existence on the 13th of April later this year. As of today over 430,000 people have expressed interest in becoming Liberland citizens. Earlier this year, the Liberland government announced a plan to restore the building on its territory and to begin construction of a floating Liberland community on the Danube River.

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Created: 20.02.2017