Liberty Fest Poland

 Liberland Government, University ASBIRO and Fijorr Publishing have organised Liberty Fest in Poland. The event will be held on 24-25 June in the capital of Poland, Warsaw. At this seminar will be many foreign guests who are unquestionable economic authorities.

Join the event and buy the tickets here.

One of the key speakers will be Vít Jedlička, president of Liberland, accompanied by Vice President Bogie Wozniak and newly appointed minister of justice Zorana Kozomara.

By attending the seminar you will learn what is necessary to run your business freely and safely. To help you, our teachers will focus on two main elements.
1) Tax havens – you will learn how you can effectively optimize your operations based on countries that allow you much more freedom of doing business.
2) Special Economic Zones – Our lecturers will show you practical tools to understand how special economic zones work and how they can be introduced in Poland.

The seminar is for all those who want to be confident in their business in one of them develop. Even if you need it, the topic is too far away for you to see after this semester that there are many opportunities that you can start using today.
We would liked to invite you to this extraordinary event and discuss with you your ideas and possible cooperation.

Created: 09.06.2017