Organizing the Swarm way

Rick Falkvinge presents on March 10 from 6pm at Paralelni Polis in Prague his Swarm leadership style, which enables a poor organization to still beat the established rich ones. This is done by coordinating tens of thousands of activists, each doing something small toward the same general goal. Rick used this method to put people into the European Parliament on a shoestring budget, beating the established parties on less than one percent of their budget in the Swedish and first Pirate Party.

President Vit Jedlička will present Liberland decentralized justice system and open source government.

The entrance fee to the lecture is voluntary, but the number of places is limited, we recommend buying a place reservation

1) online at
2) in Bitcoin Coffee, barista will advise you on the purchase, or you can sort it out on the top floor at the Institute of Cryptoanarchy

Created: 04.03.2018