President Vít Jedlička of Free Republic of Liberland has presented first members of government


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On December 18, 2015 Vít Jedlička, president of self-proclaimed Free Republic of Liberland, presented the first provisional government and its three ministers - minister of finance, minister of foreign affairs and minister of interior. Also, he mentioned minister of justice from Great Britain and other two vicepresidents from USA and France, which will be presented at another ocassion.

At the ocassion of Christmas Gala evening Mr. President met some of the Liberland supporters, businessmen and political or diplomatic personalities. The event was attended by the Attache of Syrian embassy Mrs. Abeer Al Assad and the Honorary Consul of Belize Antonín Šimek. Moreover, we had the pleasure to have the presence of Czech politicians, members of parliament Ing. Pavel Šrámek and also Mrs. Pavla Golasowská.They all gathered to be guests at the official presentation of the provisionally formed cabinet of ministers.
President has opened the event with a welcome speech, where he presented Jan Purkrábek an economist who has extensive experience in public-private corporate finance and treasury, to be minister of finance. Purkrábek´s main aim is to maintain the basic idea on which Liberland has been established - no collection of taxes. "I like the thought of people paying voluntarily the taxes in the amount they themselves chose to" stated Jan.
Ministry of interior was assigned to Ondřej Příhonský, an expert on international relations and security issues, who strives to reach agreement with Croatia so that the local police wouldnt impede the settlement of the island.

The last but not least, the only lady in the government, is the minister of foreign affairs Monika Chlumská, who after graduating in political and social sciences found her passion in cultural diplomacy and communication. "My main aim is to strengthen our representative offices across the world and turn them into a strong team working for Liberland" she claimed. Liberland has, according to Chlumská, representatives in more than 60 countries across the world. Usually these people are already connceted to local governments or diplomatic rounds.
This government formation is already fully functional, working with great enthousiasm and will be operative until the first democratic election, which shall take place within 2 or 3 upcoming years. 

Pictures from the event are available here.

Secretary of state
Presidential Office of the Free Republic of Liberland

Created: 20.12.2015