Representatives of Liberland in the Netherlands and Bangladesh meet in Dhaka

 The representatives of Liberland in the Netherlands and Bangladesh met on the 19th October 2017 in Dhaka. The representative of Liberland in the Netherlands Dr. Milan Seman visited Bangladesh during the 3rd week of October to attend a conference and utilised the opportunity to organize a meeting with the representative of Liberland in Bangladesh Mr. Rahman Khan.

They discussed the bilateral issues between Liberland and the respective host countries with special focus on activities leading to the official recognition of Liberland. The recent initiatives taken by Liberland government to foster cooperation in various sectors such as information technology, energy, and maritime industries were mentioned. The Netherlands and Bangladesh both have a potential to grow in these sectors and Liberland can offer significant support and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Liberland supporters in both countries are proactively working with the representatives to be instrumental within their own profession and help the cause as much as possible. Mr. Khan discussed an initiative to establish a Liberland Chamber of Commerce in Bangladesh to attract business entities from both countries promoting a productive economic relationship between Bangladesh and Liberland.

The current Rohingya refugee crisis in Bangladesh was discussed and how Liberland could support the government of Bangladesh. Both representatives also agreed on the importance of prioritizing the Liberland business entity registration process and the upcoming ICO of Liberland.


Created: 07.11.2017