State of Liberland in December 2017

480 000 people registered for Liberland citizenship

Liberland is going through continuous expansion time with hundreds of people applying for citizenship every day. As of today, we have 480 000 registered diaspora members and 150 000 eligible applications for citizenship. Tonight we will grant another 20 citizenships to people from the Czech Republic who have significantly contributed to the development of Liberland this year. We are also proud to host diplomats from three other sovereign countries and members of the Czech parliament.

Budget of Liberland due to Ethereum and Bitcoin in surplus

Liberland budget is stabilized with ever increasing budget surplus which reached the amount of 350 thousand USD. There are two main factors which are increasing the voluntary tax and steep rise of crypto currencies. Since the beginning of 2017 all state reserves were divided between two major cryptocurrencies Ethereum and Bitcoin leaving euro as one of the reserve currencies. The value of Bitcoin has risen 17 fold and value of Ethereum 60 fold since. The third currency Bitcoin cash was added to these reserves due to fork of Bitcoin network in summer. The frst major voluntary taxpayer Universa Blockchain headed by Alexander Borodich pledges to pay 1,2 million USD in voluntary taxes after successful collection of 25 million USD.

100 representative offices abroad

As of today Liberland has representation in 100 countries across the globe. This year 30 new offices were opened. Among the new representatives we can find people such as Rick Falkwinge, founder of the Pirate Party movement, representing Liberland in Berlin, or the insurance entrepreneur and billionaire Rick Holson representing Liberland in Bermuda.

40 countries visited in 2017

President of Liberland visited 44 countries in 2017 speaking at 50 major events including the prestigious St. Gallen Symposium in Switzerland, ALEC conference of US policymakers in USA. The President also visited two sovereign countries in his official capacity, Somaliland and Palestine.

Strategic partnership with Somaliland was formed

The Free Republic of Liberland has successfully begun the mutual recognition process with the Republic of Somaliland and commenced cooperation on a number of important fronts. Vice President of Somaliland H.E. Abdirahman Abdilaahi Ismail, Somaliland Trade and Investment Minister H.E. Omar Shoaib Mohamed, Liberland Minister of Protocol Dr. Tariq Abbasi KGCIOM MBE DL and Liberland President Vít Jedlička signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the Somaliland and Liberland governments. The Memorandum was signed on the 25th of September 2017 at the seaport city of Berbera in Somaliland. Representatives of the two countries also created a Joint Committee on Technology, Energy and Banking. The two countries also agreed to cooperate and support each other during the mutual recognition process and on international fronts.

Liberland to be the first country to launch its Cryptocurrency in early 2018 and expand to two other continents

Liberland is preparing an initial coin offering during third anniversary planning to raise as much as 70 million USD. The currency is called Liberland merit. Money will be used for development of Liberland including building up good relations with Serbia and Croatia and acquisition of two extra territories one in central America and other in Africa.


Created: 14.12.2017