The Jackalope Freedom Festival 2018

 It is not a trip for the faint-hearted but for the most courageous and adventurous of us? You can say that this is a road less traveled, but for those who have traveled here, go away with an experience like no other, with friendships that lasts a lifetime and connections that spans the globe and last but certainly not the least, you leave with the stamp of a true libertarian in your heart. Of course, yet again, you can count on Liberland being present here without a doubt, so why not join us for an epic summer camp adventure?

With an elevation of 7,600 high and an average temperature of 82 degrees or 27 celcius; set in the National Forest Land, in the backdrop of the Black Canyon Lake Arizona, is the “The Jackalope Freedom Festival,” commonly known as JackFest. If the scenery doesn't entice you, then perhaps the following will. For a week at the end of July to the beginning of August, freedom loving, free spirited, self sustainable, non aggression principle people (NAP), artists, activist and so on camp and hang out here. If you would like to be left alone with the same like-minded people and to be free to connect with each other without interference, then this is the place for you to be. The Jackalope’s also encourages any cob home specialists, natural builders, land patent specialists and agorists to come. What more! The Jackalopes love live music playing at all times! So musicians are most definitely welcome, bring it on! For the festival can’t start without it!

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See you all there!

The Free Republic of Liberland.

Created: 07.07.2018