Thorium conference about the energy solution for Liberland

 On the 5th of June 2017, Liberland will organize the semi-conference about the possible energy solution for the country and the neighborhood. The event will be held in Liberland's Representative office in Prague. Check the Facebook event here.

19:00 - Presentation of the research and development in molten salt reactor technology from both public and private interests. The talk will discuss issues of primary energy supply, history and current status of the molten salt technology, choices of nuclear fuels, and present several promising molten salt reactor design concepts currently pursued

20:00 - Discussion of the possible foundation of the Liberland's corporation for development of the nuclear energy technologies.

21:00 - Dinner and individual program

Dr. Ondrej Chvala - Research Assistant Professor of Nuclear Engineering at the University of Tennessee. He teaches Nuclear Reactor Theory, Numerical Methods and Fortran, he instigated and teaches a study abroad class Experimental Reactor Physics Laboratory in Prague. Dr. Chvala is currently working on MSR simulations as a part of his research. He was involved in developing simulation of nuclear physics processes for about 15 years. He has in-depth knowledge of Linux, C++, Fortran, and experience with high-performance computing.

Dress code: Business casual.

If you want to attend the conference as a speaker or have any suggestions please refer to the

Created: 10.05.2017