USA trip to Washington DC, Denver and Las Vegas

From July 15-28 President Vit Jedlicka will attend 3 major conferences in the United States as well as many meetings and interviews. He will start in Washington D.C. at the CUFI conference. Directly from there he will fly to Denver, Colorado to deliver a speech at the ALEC conference and will have the opportunity to speak with American entrepreneurs and politicians. He will then travel to FreedomFest in Las Vegas, Nevada from July 20-22. Mr President will then return back to Washington D.C. where our U.S. team - Vice President Bogie Wozniak, Minister of Foreign Affairs Thomas Walls and Representative David Molineaux have organised meetings with supporters, investors and reporters.


Follow the trip and detailed program on the US Facebook Page.


You can also join each conference events and let us know that you are coming as well!



17-19 July CUFI conference, Washington DC

18-20 July ALEC meeting, Denver, CO

20-22 July Freedom Fest, Las Vegas, NA

Created: 29.06.2017