USA Visit

Liberland is set to visit the US to discuss Liberland projects and many of the key issues that will further the growth and development of Liberland. There will be time for a meet and greet as we have well over 16.200 supporters in the USA.

For updates see: Facebook events and the USA Facebook for further information regarding this visit (more to be added).  

Liberland will also attend the upcoming ALEC 45th Anniversary Gala event. Being present on this important occasion and not to mention showing our support, will surely only be but positive and beneficial to Free Republic of Liberland. 

Below are the following details of the event and including where to purchase tickets:

When: Wednesday, 26 September
Where: Trump International Hotel Washington, D.C.
Address: 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue, Northwest, Washington, D.C. 20004, USA. (Map
Purchase tickets: here (Individual tickets are available at $500 each)
For more information, please contact: or (571) 482-5025.

Event Purpose:
2018 is ALEC’s 45th anniversary year, a year in which to celebrate ALEC’s leadership with a history of offering real solutions to the top issues facing the states. To read more, click here.

Created: 03.08.2018