Video - Liberland

Dear Liberlanders, 

Courtesy of Vice, we are truly happy to share with you, this fantastic video! Everything you need to know about Free Republic of Liberland is explained right here. presents: VICE REPORTS Liberland 
- Producer/Director: Darko Nikolic
- Host: Uros Dimitrijevic
- Editor: Ivan Vasic
- Field Audio Engineer: Ivan Stanosevic            
- Camera: Ivan Todorovski
                 David Pavlasevic
                 Vlada Pavic
- Production and post assistant: Sasa Potezica

We would like to thank Vice for taking this journey with us, and through their eyes, we are able to share with you how Liberland came to be and why we are confident that we will succeed and become the nation we intend and envisioned it to be.

Thank you also to those of you, who continually support us in every way without let up.

With warmest regards,
Liberland Team

Created: 27.09.2018