Visit to Kiev, Ukraine

Free Republic of Liberland has been asked to speak at the: HORASIS - Kiev, Ukraine.
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The following theme and panel we have been asked to speak is on the 15th of October at 13.30-14.30 with the theme: Plenary: China’s New Openness (Plenary Session Room).

The Speech is about: 
China is shifting from an investment driven development strategy to one that is more people-centred. Its plans focus on 2020, but extend to 2050 and beyond. How will this be reflected in China’s outward and inward investment opportunities? How to describe its Future New Normal?

The following speakers are:
• Anson Chan, Chairman, Bonds Group of Companies, Hong Kong SAR
• Pat Cox, President, Jean Monnet Foundation for Europe, Switzerland; former President of the European Parliament
• Shen Andong, Vice Chairman, Beijing Automotive Group, China
• Felix Zhang, Founder and Executive Director, Envision Energy, China

Chaired by: Alexander Wan, Former Senior Advisor, China Daily Asia Pacific, Hong Kong SAR

Created: 11.10.2018